structural stability provided by the windsheild
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structural stability provided by the windsheild

Did you know that the windshield of your car has a lot to do with the structural stability of the vehicle? If the windshield is cracked or broken, it can allow the roof of the car to collapse more easily during rollover accidents. Our blog will show you the role that a windshield plays in the structural stability of your vehicle and inform you of what you can and should do if you notice a crack or chip in your windshield as soon as you possibly can. You may be surprised at how easy it is for you to get these repairs made.


structural stability provided by the windsheild

Have A Small Crack In Your Windshield? Reasons To Get It Fixed NOW!

Elias Tuomi

You're driving down the road and small pebble hits your windshield, making just a little crack in it. You figure it is not big deal, and don't give it another thought. However, it is in your best interest to call a mobile auto glass repair company to come out and fix it. You can call once you get to your destination, and if you are going to be there for a while, they can come out and have the work done before you leave; it doesn't matter if you are at home, at work, or out shopping. The sooner you have the repair done the better, and here are a few reasons why.

Cracks Travel

Auto glass is made in a way that keeps the glass from shattering into sharp shards. However, any crack in it tends to grow. A small crack is not going be a problem, as long as it is not directly in the driver's viewing area, but if it spreads, it could cause trouble. In addition, a small crack can be repaired without having to replace the entire windshield, but anything that is longer than a dollar bill means you need a replacement. It is more expensive and time consuming to replace a windshield than it is to repair one. Repairing the windshield will save you money if your insurance policy is not all-inclusive for windshield issues.


Each state has rules regarding driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield. Some states have a size or placement limit, some are more concerned with how many chips or cracks there are, and some do not allow any blemishes on the windshield at all. The best course of action is to have the windshield repaired as soon as you notice a problem so you do not have to worry about getting a ticket.

Insurance Pays

You might be surprised to discover that your insurance policy will pay for a windshield problem without charging you a deductible. Because of the safety issues involved with a damaged windshield, they would rather pay to have it repaired than have to pay for a replacement or any damages from a car accident because of the windshield issue. Since it probably won't cost you anything to have the repair work done, it makes sense to have it fixed as soon as possible.

The next time you find a small crack in your windshield, check your insurance policy to find out if you will have to pay anything. Even if you do, it will be less money than paying for a replacement if the crack travels or you end up with additional chips. If the laws of your state are not strict about windshield imperfections, they are still a safety hazard. Get the problem fixed now and keep everyone safe.

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